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About Leaderim

Leaderim is one of the leading insurance brokers in Israel, arranging commercial insurance portfolios and providing independent consultancy services for our clients with a professional, dynamic and innovative approach. For more than two decades we have been specialising in formulating tailor-made insurance solutions for our clients’ diverse needs and providing independent insurance consultancy services to Israeli corporations operating locally and worldwide. Our staff is comprised of veteran account executives providing professional and unparalleled service to our clients including assisting them in dealing with large and complex insurance claims.

Leaderim strives to provide its clients with a superior level of service, the guiding factor being to obtain optimal and swift results for our clients and find solutions for all of their insurance needs.

Our clients include leading Israeli companies in the fields of industry, commerce, capital markets, hi-tech and biotech, aviation, infrastructure and energy.

Leaderim prides itself on employing a professional, veteran and skilled team of 45 employees, the vast majority of who are qualified lawyers. Our account executives are responsible for formulating tailor-made insurance portfolios for our clients tailored to their specific needs, our legal department advises our clients on liability and insurance clauses in various contracts and agreements, and our claims department strives to settle claims as quickly and efficiently as possible for our clients.

What services do we offer?

  • Identifying and classifying the various risks the client is exposed to.
  • Formulating a long-term corporate risk management and insurance program.
  • Arranging an insurance portfolio tailored to the precise needs, exposures and risk appetite of the client in order to mitigate risks as far as possible.
  • Conducting insurance tenders and placing cover in the local and international markets.
  • Providing advice on insurance and indemnity clauses in contracts and agreements with customers, suppliers, lessees, banks and the like.
  • Dealing with complex insurance claims.
  • Developing state of the art and innovative insurance products to address the needs of our clients.
  • Providing advice and guidance on insurance related aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including the due diligence process.


Why Leaderim?

  • We have the tools to obtain the most competitively priced solution without compromising on the quality or scope of cover.
  • Professional and personal service at all times.
  • Proven track experience in dealing with large and complex insurance claims.
  • Extensive experience in working with the local and international insurance markets, with global access to specialist markets via our Assurex Global partners.



Professional knowledge

Partners in success

Assurex Global

Leaderim is the Israeli partner and a shareholder in the largest privately held risk management and commercial insurance group in the world, with a total annual premium income exceeding US$ 29 billion. The network was established in 1964 and is comprised of more than 100 shareholders, 20,000 employees and 600 offices worldwide.

The strategic partnership with Assurex Global gives Leaderim unrivalled access to the entire global insurance market and enables us to provide professional, innovative and unique solutions for the diverse insurance needs of our clients.

For further details of Assurex Global, visit

 Lloyd’s of London open market correspondents

The most prominent international market we work with is Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s was established in London in the 16th century and is the leading international marketplace for thousands of members, known as names. Lloyd’s is authorised to write direct insurance business in more than 70 countries worldwide and writes reinsurance business in more than 200 countries.

Leaderim has excellent and long-standing connections with key players at Lloyd’s. Our close relations with Lloyd’s, London market brokers and underwriters gives us access to a market offering specialist solutions for our clients, either as direct placements or as reinsurance.

The vast experience we have gained in the international insurance market is thanks to our ongoing efforts to keep abreast of major players in the international insurance market to enable us to provide a diverse range of solutions for our multinational and international clients.

Leaderim is an approved open market correspondent of Lloyd’s of London, having gone through a strict selection process to prove insurance competence and excellence.

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