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Energy insurance

Leaderim is one of the leading independent insurance consultants in Israel for energy and natural resources insurance. We specialise in arranging insurance portfolios for all stages of major projects including exploration, construction and operation of energy facilities including land-based and offshore drilling and the production and delivery of natural gas and by-products. We provides specialist advice on risk management and insurance cover for major strategic projects in Israel such as the Leviathan and Tamar gas fields, large projects on an international scale comparable in size to Gulf of Mexico and North Sea projects. We formulate an insurance portfolio covering property damage, loss of profits, pollution, cover for loss of control of the field and more and of course handle claims for our clients. In addition to advising on all aspects of the insurance cover, the added value that Leaderim offers includes liaising with various regulatory authorities on behalf of our clients, drafting insurance and indemnity clauses in agreements with financial institutions, reviewing insurance clauses in contracts with suppliers and contractors and advising the operator in formulating a risk management and insurance program.

Contractors involved in major projects in the energy sector need ongoing professional insurance advice in order to ensure the project is implemented in the smoothest manner possible. The frequent and diverse challenges involved in such projects, and the frequent need to liaise with local and international insurers and other parties, makes it crucial to obtain professional service and specialist knowledge to ensure the success of the project.

Major accounts in Israel:

  • Insurance for all natural gas fields drilled in Israeli territorial waters up until 2019.
  • The Tethys Sea project.
  • Construction and operation of the Tamar Project – Arranging insurance and ongoing consultancy in connection with an approx. US$ 3.5 billion project at all stages from the exploration through to the construction and operation of the project in March 2013.
  • Construction of the Leviathan project – Arranging insurance for the construction of an approx. US$ 4 billion project.

Your contacts at Leaderim:

Oded Haimov, David Gordon, Rotem Ashkenazi, Galit Sade.

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