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Leaderim specialises in arranging insurance for the construction and operation of mega infrastructure projects in Israel, including conventional power stations, renewable energy facilities, transportation infrastructures, desalination plants and regional water purification plants. We have arranged insurance for several global-scale megaprojects and provided ongoing insurance services during all stages of the project. We have advised on insurance for local and international projects, including wording parts of tenders, liaising with regulatory organs, conducting negotiations with banks and other interested parties on insurance requirements, drafting liability and insurance clauses in project agreements and more, at all stages of the project.

Principals and contractors need to obtain professional input in arranging a comprehensive insurance portfolio to address all relevant and insurable risks in megaprojects. Coping with technological developments, legal challenges and the need to liaise with various institutions in Israel and abroad, creates the need for a professional and experienced insurance brokerage such as Leaderim, to contribute to the overall success of the project.

Some of the megaprojects we have handled are the ASH desalination plant construction and operation project, the Jordan Star pumped-storage hydroelectricity plant construction project, the IPM Beer Tuvia power plant construction project and the SUSZ photovoltaic plant project. We have also provided insurance consultancy services to investors in the Daliya Power Station project, the Emek Habaka Wind Energy Plant project and in various photovoltaic plant projects.

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David Gordon, Yael Weisel Pinto, Oded Haimov, Lin Ben Dor.

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