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Commercial and industrial insurance

Every business is exposed to the risk of physical damage to their property and ensuing loss of profits, as well as bodily injury or damage to third party property. Leaderim has years of experience in analysing such exposures and formulating an insurance portfolio to protect the business against untoward events, compensating it for damage to its property and loss of profits arising from physical damage, as well as for liability to other parties. Considering that most businesses do not have the financial resources to pay for major losses themselves, arranging a comprehensive insurance portfolio enables the client to plan optimally for unforeseen events which could have a harmful impact on their business.

Our account executives have the know-how to arrange a tailor-made insurance portfolio, addressing the unique needs of the client and adapting the cover to these needs. Our extensive experience and access to local and international insurance markets enables us to provide optimal solutions for all conceivable risks.

A commercial insurance portfolio is comprised of various insurance covers covering Property Damage, Loss of Profits, Liability Insurance including Third Party Liability, Employers Liability, Professional Indemnity as well as Contractors All Risks, Credit and Foreign Trade Risks Insurance and more.

Our legal department also advises our clients on insurance and indemnity clauses in various agreements with their customers, suppliers, banks, tenants, landlords and the like.

Our claims department supports the client from the moment the loss is reported until the claim has been settled by the insurance company.

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