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Environmental pollution Insurance

With increasing legislation and enforcement in the field of environmental protection both in Israel and globally, alongside enhanced public awareness in this area, many corporations and institutions understand their urgent need to identify insurance solutions to their possible exposures, resulting from failures and catastrophes due to environmental pollution damages. More often than not, these exposures cannot be suitably addressed via traditional business insurance portfolios. Leaderim offers a range of solutions for insuring against environmental risks, providing a wide blanket of protection whether the environmental damage was sudden, or gradually accumulating, in each of the following:

  • During routine operations of the business
  • While using hazardous substances
  • During a contractual project
  • During a land development project involving rehabilitation of contaminated soil
  • During a purchase or sales agreement – when an environmental risk must be identified and hedged within the contract 


This type of policy is targeted at businesses operating in a wide range of fields including commerce and industry, agriculture, aviation, health, real estate, production plants, energy and fuel stations, waste disposal sites, and more. The policy is specifically tailored to address the needs of Directors and Officers of these businesses as well as the financial interests of their financing bodies, which may be exposed to claims in case of a pollution occurrence, such as: 

  • Administration and criminal proceedings (excluding fines, which are uninsurable)
  • Civil proceedings initiated by third parties such as environmental organizations
  • Cleaning expenses required by enforcement authorities, whether in or outside the insured’s premises

In view of the increase in enforcement measures as well as enhanced transparency and reporting requirements and the growing awareness among civilians and environmental organizations, many corporations have become increasingly exposed to legal proceedings due to environmental damage caused by their operations.

Some of our main transactions in this area include: 

Long term soil rehabilitation project in Southern Acre

Insurance of national installations and infrastructures

Insurance solutions to corporations involved in natural gas exploration projects

Insurance cover for fueling stations abroad

Leaderim’s specialists in this area:

Becky Cohen, Rotem Ashkenazi, Yael Wiesel Pinto, Oded Haimov, David Gordon

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