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Credit and foreign trade risk insurance

Our specialist knowledge, experience, creativity and access to Israeli and international insurance markets enables us to arrange credit insurance and political risks insurance. Our services include obtaining several quotations for the cover and conducting a competitive process between the various markets. Leaderim also assists its clients in finding alternative sources of bank finance and we can provide specific solutions for import and/or export financing where necessary.

We pride ourselves on obtaining the widest insurance cover at the most competitive price. We offer flexible insurance arrangements and creative solutions tailored to the needs of the client with the aim of obtaining the most optimal and cost-efficient solution.

Leaderim is a partner in Astreos (, the international network of credit insurance brokers, enabling us to access various specialist global credit insurance markets with ease and speed.

Credit insurance is designed for medium to large companies seeking to protect their credit transactions in Israel and abroad against payment default and to expand their business activities with new and existing clients. Transactions which are protected by credit insurance benefit from a highly effective tool that assists in achieving ongoing and secure growth and at the same time keeping commercial risks low. A comprehensive credit risk management and insurance program provides financial compensation in the event of payment default and enables the client to mitigate their losses and maintain their financial strength. Similarly, the client benefits from protection against political risks in high-risk territories.

Your contacts at Leaderim:

Ayelet Porat, Haim Cohen, Oded Haimov, David Gordon.

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