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Insurance for hi-tech companies

Leaderim has extensive experience in formulating tailor-made insurance solutions for leading Israeli hi-tech companies. Leaderim collaborates with leading insurance companies in Israel and overseas and offers a diverse range of insurance solution for hi-tech companies from the start-up stage, during the initial investment stages through to stock market flotation and during regular operations.

The optimal insurance portfolio for hi-tech and innovative companies can either be comprised of a combined policy or by arranging several separate insurance policies, depending on the needs of the client, the guiding principle being to adequately address the various exposures and risks of each individual company.

Hi-tech companies operate in especially competitive and dynamic markets, supplying innovative products and solutions involving a high level of complexity. Hi-tech players have to act quickly, respond promptly and keep abreast of an unprecedented pace of developments, changes and demands from regulatory entities, investors and customers alike. This state of affairs exposes hi-tech companies to various industry-specific risks which can be protected by various insurance policies – professional indemnity, products liability, cyber insurance, directors and officers liability insurance, credit insurance and more.

Leaderim specialises in formulating comprehensive tailor-made insurance portfolios for its clients, based on the perception that asides the extensive resources being invested in protecting against various exposures, the most efficient protection integrates broad and specific insurance cover to enable hi-tech companies to keep pace with the dynamic nature of their business, to achieve peace of mind and free resources to achieve the targets of the company.

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