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Multinational and global insurance programs

As a leading insurance brokerage with extensive connections in the international insurance markets, Leaderim arranges insurance portfolios for various multinational corporations to cover the operations and investments of Israeli companies worldwide.

Leaderim is the Israeli shareholder and partner in Assurex Global – the largest privately-held commercial insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage group in the world ( Our partnership in the group enables us to provide insurance solutions for global companies in more than 100 countries worldwide.

As part of the process of globalisation, many business have expanded their activities to include trade in various foreign countries, in many cases by establishing subsidiary companies in various territories and/or acquiring overseas companies with similar activities. Global companies benefit from centralised control of their insurance portfolio and uniform risk management for all group companies. Such control is achieved by arranging a multinational program, tailored to the exposures the company faces and the territories in which it operates, as well as to the effects the group companies have on each other. A multinational policy is specifically tailored to local regulatory requirements in the countries in which the company operates and where necessary in the local language.

The process of formulating a multinational program involves analysing the needs of the client in each country where they operate and reviewing their existing insurance arrangements. Our accumulated experience, coupled with our extensive contacts in the international insurance market, gives us a competitive edge in arranging cover for Israeli companies with overseas operations and assisting global companies with Israeli operations or branches.

Major accounts:

Overseas assets of Israel companies and numerous multinational companies including Iscar, Caesar Stone and Delta.

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