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Consulting on Insurance and Liability clauses in Contracts and Agreements

Leaderim’s Legal Department provides the firm’s clients with consulting services involving liability, indemnity and insurance clauses in their contracts and agreements.

Our services include drafting of liability, indemnity and insurance clauses for contracts and tenders, negotiating with the various parties to the agreement, and aligning clients’ risk management policies in their business contracting by drafting framework clauses for frequent contracts in full coordination with clients’ legal advisors and while adjusting their contractual obligations to their insurance portfolio and to the specific characteristics of the markets in which they operate. 

Consulting on contractual arrangements involving liability and indemnity clauses is a highly crucial tool aimed at minimizing clients’ potential exposures while benefitting from the insurance cover of the other party to the agreement. When these and similar exposures are not handled properly, they have the potential to negatively impact clients’ financial balances.

Our legal team at Leaderim regularly drafts insurance and indemnity clauses included in our clients’ agreements with various parties such as suppliers, customers, land owners, entrepreneurs, contractors, funding bodies, partners, consultants, and others. Our dedicated team includes a number of expert attorneys with many years of accumulated experience in this field, providing clients with professional solutions aimed at reducing potential exposures of the client’s business, its workers and management.   

Leaderim’s specialists in this area:

Hila Molho, Ran Verner, Oren Yadger, Idit Ness

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